Los Caballeros Del Son at Prime Example

Los Caballeros del Son are back by popular demand for this October concert. This will be an augmented version of the group with original members, new members and friends of the group coming together to make beautiful traditional Cuban music.

Los Caballeros del Son are one of the premiere Latin music groups currently performing in South Lousiana. The group plays traditional Cuban “Son” music. “Son” is the foundation of all Cuban dance music and originally hails from Eastern Cuba. It’s closely related to Cuban “Trova” music, taking the poetic and playful ballads with guitar accompaniment from Trova, and adding in dance rhythms with percussion, bass and other melodic instruments.

And remember that The Prime Example has great food (in case you haven't eaten dinner by the time you come out) and remember to be patient while looking for parking since the neighborhood has a lot of different events going on Thursday evenings. See you tomorrow!